LAT Lubricant Advanced Technology Dragracing oil. Aircooled dragracing oil. No more broken cams and Lifters.

LAT Racing Oil

We are proud to be the only official LAT Racing Oil dealer in Europe.

LAT Racing Oil is blended from the highest quality synthetic group IV and V base oils along with extreme pressure additives (LFR). Special formulated for engines that reach high RPM levels along with high temperature levels.This makes LAT oil the perfect choice for hot street cars, track cars and even Top Fuelers.

We are specialized in aircooled VW's and stock both engine oils and transmission oils for  hot VW's from mild to wild.  We also stock true break-in oils for propper break-in of piston rings and cam/lifters. We have not seen a flat cam or lifter failure since we started using break-in oils. Top engine builders in the USA are using LAT break-in oil to proper brake in lifters/cam and rings and to ensure maximum engine life and performance.LAT breake-in oils have a very high content of Zinc and along with LAT's LFR additives the brake-in oil will give extreme wear protection. Using LAT oil when racing will give you an advantage due to the LFR additives because of less friction and heat in the engine components.  Power gains up to 6% have been proven on dyno runs compared to other racing oils.

We are sponsoring a VW Beetle Pro Mod  with a 2386 cc turbo engine and have only seen very good results after switching to LAT oils.  We previously had bearing problems and had to replace main bearing too often. But after switching to LAT oils the problems was gone with the wind. After disasambly the engine for further update the cam/lifters and crank was like new and all the bearings was reuseable after 40 passes on the 1/4 mile and heavy burn outs.  The engine runs 116 octane race fuel and had no cooling system, so it have been very hot.  But after all this abuse the oil have proven it worth. 

We are building hot street and strip VW engines in our workshop and all of them are broken in with LAT break-in oil and supplied with proper oil for further use.

If you are running methanol fuel you should consider using LAT semi synthetic racing oil because it will absorb methanol residuals, that enters the sump, much better than full synthetic oils.  Methanol residuals in full synthetic engine oils will reduce the oil's lubricating abillities substantially. 

If you have questions about LAT oil, availability and prices feel free to contact us at: rolf@boxerservice.dk


We stock the following types of LAT oil:

0W20 Racing engine oil 

20W50 Racing engine oil

5W20 Performance engine oil

20W50 Performance engine oil

20W50 Semi synthetic Racing engine oil

20W50 break-in engine oil


80W90 VW/Porsche transaxle gear oil

75W145 VW/Porsche/Mendeola transaxle gear oil

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